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Friday, 1 January 2016

Open Dairy

1st January 1016 Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Its great day cool weather in Kolkata in morning around 10:00AM I got a bus from my friend’s house to my home beside my back seat there was a Muslim family was sitting  with his son name (Aftab) age around 7/8 years old
His child was asking to his father that: how much do you pay for your study when you was a child?
His father reply: we don’t pay anything for study when I was a child
His son reply: so why do we pay now for study?
Father: because of new rules son
Son: I want to study but we don’t have money I wish I could be in old days ass you was so I also don’t pay for study
I saw his father got tears in eyes…after that I went off from bus while walking to the home I think today’s many med-class child’s want to study but due to expensive and cost of school Parents won’t be able to manage. If I earn that much in my life I would love to help poor people and child’s to make their dreams come true and that was My New Year Resolution.

Time 15:58PM Kolkata, West Bengal, India
sitting at home listening music some of my favorite songs like Afghan Jalebi from Phantom and Hosanna from Ekk Deewana Tha...dont have any plans. right now what should i do.

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